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About Provident

All Your Flexo Needs in One Place

Provident provides unique and innovative products to the printing industry. We are the source for all of your pressroom needs! We carry a wide variety of products including doctor blades, anilox roll cleaning products, defect marking systems, anilox & plate inspection systems, and bar code verification systems.

Our core group of professionals is dedicated to providing our printing and packaging customers with the best service and support in the industry.

Provident is the leading manufacturer and distributor of doctor blades and end seals specifically designed for flexo. Over 20 years of flexo press operation gives us direct involvement in ink metering and containment to address your specific production requirements. We clearly understand the intricacies of flexo printing.

A Look At Some of Our Latest Printing Innovations

Everything You Need in One Place

Doctor Blades

End Seals

Anilox Cleaning

Barcode Verifiers

Defect Flagging

QC Analysis

Every blade offers the perfect combination of straightness and flatness, edge finish, surface finish, strength and wear resistance. Choose from a complete selection of premium doctor blades available in a variety of alloys and tips.
Save time and money with Rx Doctor Blades! Blade changes are quick and easy when the clamping area is clean. Our blades are made from the highest grade of steel. Uniform structure and exceptional cleanliness means no scoring. Our strict flatness and straightness tolerances translate into the lowest doctor blade pressure to get the job done!

Provident offers a complete selection of end seals that deliver long-lasting performance. These seals outperform the competition because of superior materials and a proprietary machining process that creates a better seal.

End seals are traditionally manufactured with a die-cutting process that produces an irregular, concave sealing edge. Provident end seals are manufactured using AquaShear™, a precision machining process that produces a sharper end seal edge. The sharper, undistorted end seal has more surface area to create a more effective seal and also offers longer seal life.

FLEXOCLEAN ENGINEERING B.V. has developed a specially formulated system for safe cleaning of water-based inks and coatings. With over 2000 customers throughout the world, FLEXOCLEAN is setting the cleaning standard. With conventional cleaning techniques, build-up of deposits occur quickly and you lose ink density. The FLEXOCLEAN system is designed to reduce build-up and make removal easier. Daily preventative maintenance is the key to consistent, high quality printing. Systems are available for Water-based, Solvent, and UV inks.

Webscan, founded in 1995, is the only independent manufacturer specializing in the area of bar code verifications. Since it’s inception, Webscan has become the leader in bar code verification technology by developing a variety of systems for ANSI compliant bar code verification. Regardless of your bar code application, Webscan has the solution.

The age-old need for reliable defect marking has never been addressed until now. For the first time a flagger has been engineered from the ground up specifically for high speed web applications. Others have tried modifying label applicators but this approach has never succeeded. You can eliminate all the concerns for employee safety with our Web Flagger.

The ultimate tool for optimum quality control and analysis of your complete flexoplate and print production…from film/masks and sleeve to printed media to plate.

The ultimate anilox management tool, measures cell volume, line count and more in a portable easy-to-use system.

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