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AniCAM introduced and FlexoCAM Adds 3D Dot Profiling

AniCAM introduced and FlexoCAM Adds 3D Dot Profiling

Troika Systems Limited, Highworth, England, and Provident Group, Concord New Hampshire (Troika US distributor) announce AniCAM and the addition of the ultimate flexographic quality control feature to the FlexoCAM product. Both devices are now equipped with the ability to show a detailed 3-dimensional profile of anilox cells or flexo dots.


AniCAM system will be making its North American debut at Labelexpo. AniCAM is a portable camera/microscope that connects to a PC via a USB connection. AniCAM was developed to provide a high-magnification picture of the anilox roll in order to analyze the condition and measure cell volume. In addition to cell volume, AniCAM measures anilox cell counts, cell opening, wall thickness, and cell wall angle. The system is very easy-to-use and the results are extraordinarily accurate and repeatable.

“AniCAM closes the quality control loop within flexographic printing,” said David Allen, Provident Group Director of Sales and Marketing. “In the same way that the FlexoCAM product monitors the quality of the plate, AniCAM now offers printers the opportunity to monitor and control the anilox roll. The flexo industry has been waiting for a simple, accurate and repeatable measurement device for a long time and it has finally arrived.”


FlexoCAM is a quality control tool for evaluating the flexographic plate, film and mask, and printed sheet. On the plate, relief depth, dot percentage, and screen rulings and angles can all be measured, either on a flat plate or in-the-round. Troika is the first company to provide an instrument that can offer all of these critical measurements from one portable device.



Flexo Dots in Detail


Anilox Cells Analyzed

FlexoCAM quickly diagnoses dot issues by producing dot profiles and 3D analysis (see above) to ensure that the dot structure is correct before going to press. The 3D rendered display shows the actual dot shape and allows you to measure shoulder angle, thickness, and relief in real-time.
Commenting on the release of the new Troika developments, Managing Director Phil Hall said, “The addition of the dot analysis software allows printers and tradeshops to measure and examine the plate or engraved cylinder in the most unbelievable detail. Short of destructive testing, plate producers and printers have never had the ability to analyze to this level of 3- dimensional detail before now.”

Recent hardware advancements will also give customers the opportunity to work with both products within one unit. During Q4 2006 existing FlexoCAM users will be able to upgrade to add AniCAM capabilities, and AniCAM users will be able to upgrade to add FlexoCAM if desired.
For further information on FlexoCAM and AniCAM visit or In-plant and web-based demonstrations are available by calling The Provident Group at (603) 230-9680.


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