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Regardless of your bar code application, we have the solution you need.

Since it’s inception, Webscan has become the leader in bar code verification technology by developing a variety of systems for ANSI compliant bar code verification.

ANSI Information / Parameters

Verification to the ANSI standard provides printers and converters the benefits of the improved performance to which scanning systems have evolved. Using ANSI grading you do not have to print to tougher standards than are actually required. At the same time, end users are provided protection from getting printing defects in their material that traditional verfication could miss.

GS1 DataBar Coupon

TruCheck Laser USB is the new affordable, PC-based bar code verifier, able to scan all forms of GS1 DataBar and GS1 Coupon bar codes. TruCheck Laser USB truly takes bar code verification to an entirely new level of ease of use. TruCheck Laser USB verifies all common linear bar codes with the touch of a button — including the new multi-row stacked bar codes.

RSS & Composite

For printers who want to verify GS1 DataBar, RSS® & Composite Symbology® codes, the TruCheck Model 201 is the correct choice. GS1 DataBar symbologies are used in a variety of applications including healthcare and produce.

TruCheck 2D Omni

The TruCheck 2D Omni has an extra large field of view (up to 6 inches wide) and super high resolution. You can select multiple regions within your image so you can verify every bar code on a blister card, or several bar codes on a shipping label all at once. Verify your largest and smallest 1D and 2D codes with the same unit, and get accurate results every time! Using its high resolution 5 MP camera, the TruCheck Omni accurately creates any size round aperture to higher precision than relative low resolution competitive models.

TruCheck Optima

The TruCheck Optima™ from Webscan provides a fully integrated and portable TruMatrix™ imaging head that connects to a PC through the USB port. Simply position the imager over a bar code and press the button. Clear and concise results are displayed instantly. The graphic interface shows operators clearly where potential problems exist. There is nothing to focus and nothing to align.

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