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Chamber Wrap Doctor Blades

Chamber Wrap Doctor Blades keeps doctor blade holders clean saving you time and money.

Chamber Wrap doctor blades come with plastic film attached to the blade. The plastic wraps around the doctor blade holder and is fastened in place with double-sided tape. Ink that may go on the doctor blade chamber instead goes on the film.

When you remove a doctor blade from the chamber, all the mess is removed with it! This is especially effective for capturing the excess ink generated from back doctoring. All the chamber hardware (pins, bars, bolts, clamping assembly) stays clean saving hours of clean up work!

The patented (U.S. Patent No. 6,796,231) Chamber Wrap doctor blade keeps doctor blade holders clean saving you time and money.

Chamber Wrap Doctor BladesChamber-Wrap Doctor Blade System

Instructions on how to use Chamber Wrap Doctor Blades

    • Start with a clean doctor blade chamber.
    • Install the doctor blade in the clamp with the plastic wrap up (plastic should be between the doctor blade and the clamp bar).
    • Remove backing from adhesive tape located near edge of wrap.
    • Pull the wrap so plastic is taut and attach to the body of the doctor blade chamber. Run your finger along the tape securing the wrap to the chamber.

After printing, carefully remove the Chamber Wrap blade with all the mess. Be amazed with clean doctor blade holder and the time you just saved going to the next job!

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