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Flexo Plate-II-Print HD

What is Flexo Plate-II-Print?

Plate–II–Print HD Perfects Quality Control at both stages of a flexo print production

With Flexo Plate-II-Print HD, dot measurement has never been so fast and easy. Save valuable production time by getting to the bottom of print problems with a click of a button. Visually see and measure dot sizes on printing plates and printed copy. End the fingerpointing between prepress, platemaking and the printing department. Never has there been so much power packed into such a portable and easy-to-use solution for solving flexo print problems.

The hand-held Plate-II-Print HD tool is an inexpensive QA device for flexo printers, label printers and trade houses to check both plate quality and print quality quickly and efficiently. This exceptionally easy to use QA tool has been designed to help identify plate issues that cause press downtime, and to resolve debate between the trade house and printers regarding plate issues.Its ability to view and check the final print is very useful for identifying printing issues and help the printer to maintain the level of quality desired by professional printers. This latest product completes a trilogy of quality control products designed and manufactured by Troika Systems for the flexographic sector of the printing industry. Flexo Plate-II-Print joins the FlexoCAM – a high-quality instrument for dot analysis and profi ling of flexo plates – and the AniCAM – a quality control instrument for measuring the volume of cells on anilox cylinders.

Key Benefits

  • Designed to work with the majority of flexo plate materials.
  • Two steps to get a reading:
    • Simply press a button to take a snap of the target area.
    • Define 3 dot shapes by applying 3 clicks to the dots outline
  • Accuracy ± 1%.
  • Halftone dot measurement: 60 – 175 lpi (24 – 70 lpcm).
  • Imaging time typically 1 sec.
  • Screen angle and ruling calculator.
  • Direct RIP interface.
  • Process and spot colour analysis.
  • Saves the image for archiving or e-mailing for further analysis.

Key Benefits of the Upgraded HD Model

  • It does many of the measurements that the old device did, but now incorporates digital and HD dot technologies and allows the export of readings to external programs via CSV export.
  • HD dot technologies
  • Digital dot technologies
  • Reading down to less than 1% dots
  • Print and plate reading with graphs to compare results
  • User definable templates for plate reading
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Windows 7 and 8 compatible

Plate Reading Application

Catch plate problems before they reach the press with visual plate inspection.

  • Analog and digital plate measurement
  • Setups for accurate digital plate measurement
  • Digital plates (face up) & Analog plates (face down)
  • Measures thin and thick plates
  • Individual Setup per plate type for optimal measurements
  • Proven on over 40 flexo plate materials.

The graphical representation of a plate curve
– the first step for valid press signatures. Ensuring the dot curve is good from highlight through midtone and shadows for all substrates

Print Reading Application


  • Global view taken from approximately 10 cm distance for copy analysis
  • Low zoom analysis
  • High zoom for dot quality analysis

The three zooms ensure all print issues can be captured for analysis and emailed to the respective supplier for fast response and discussion.

The graphical representation of printing curves– for signature inspection good dot quality is essential. Once the quality is approved, the signature becomes more valid for all colours on the substrates.