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Graymills Peristaltic Pumps

Handle Your Ink with the Only Metal Head Peristaltic Pump Designed for the Pressroom

The New Metal Head Peristaltic Pump is Graymills’ latest innovation for your special environment. We have developed this pump with your clean-up, your changeovers, your needs in mind.


  • Graymills’ patented Straight-ThruTM head design offers multiple hose paths, without kinks, stoppages, or tube creeping, and a hinged cover design for easier changeovers.
  • Choose the path that fits your needs. Plumb “thru,” “U” or “P” paths for 32* possible configurations.
  • Variable speed control offers adjustable flow rate which can exceed 4 GPM.
  • Extended tube life when used with Graymills clear premium tubing.
  • Stainless steel rollers provide long life with slick surface cleanability.
  • PTFE-based low friction coating to maximize tube life and cleanability.
  • Available with a variety of drive and control options – CE, ATEX, Explosion-proof.
  • Also available as a washdown-capable unit for harsh and wet environments.

All standard Peristaltic Pump features with pressroom-proven design for long life and maximum productivity.

  • Quick-Change Head—change colors in seconds with no tools
  • Hand-operable knobs on hinged front panel allow for easy access and speedy changeovers
  • Variable speed and reversibility optional or inherent, depending on model
  • Add Dial-A-Flow to control flow rate and reversibility (IKF models)
  • Backed by Graymills full warranty, worldwide

Graymills Mixers

Unlike centrifugal pumps, peristaltic ink pumps do not promote circulation and ink blending in the container. Inks and coatings are prone to separation and stagnation if not circulated in their container. Providing circulation maintains the ink the way it was blended to achieve the required color. Graymills air and electric motor mixers are the answer, with sizes to fit containers from 2 to 55 gallons.
Our line of piston-powered air motors run steadily at low RPM for gentler mixing, using less air and reducing noise. These mixers are designed to assure mixing throughout the container, even into corners, eliminating dead spots and changes in viscosity or color density. Most units are available with traditional vane-style motors, which provide higher mixing speeds.