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Provident now offers Graymills Pumps and Filters.

For over 70 years, Graymills has worked with press builders, converters and ink makers developing ink circulating and conditioning systems to meet their unique requirements.

Because presses vary from narrow web flexo to huge gravure publication presses, Graymills has developed a variety of systems to match press requirements. Graymills offers you a “Total Inking Perspective” and “Total Cleaning Perspective” that others can’t rival.

Graymills products will help you with your ink pumping, circulating or conditioning needs.

Centrifugal Pumps

This industry workhorse is low maintenance, takes a lot of abuse, and delivers ink in a non-pulsating flow. Graymills centrifugal models provide in-tank circulation to keep the material in the tank blended. Available with electric or air motors, with a Quick Demountable motor option. Flow is easily controlled by the use of valves, or in the case of air motor models, by the flow of air to the motor.


Graymills Superflo® filters are specially designed for flexographic and gravure ink systems, providing effective filtration to eliminate quality problems from contaminants that can also damage costly anilox rolls. Convenient sizes for all printing applications. Filters are available standard or as surge suppressors.

Peristaltic Pumps

Also know as a “tube” pump, the peristaltic pump utilizes a flexible tube which passes through a head and is squeezed by two rollers that push the ink to the print deck. These pumps are excellent for fast color changes for low to high viscosities, UV and EB ink. A variable speed motor controls the flow (no valves or by-passes required). Graymills peristaltic ink pumps are reversible so that ink can be drawn back from the print deck at the end of a run, reducing turnaround time.