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Provident End Seals

Provident offers a complete selection of end seals that deliver long-lasting performance. These seals outperform the competition because of superior materials and a proprietary machining process that creates a better seal.

HIGH PRECISION seals with very strict tollerances. High quality and definition of seal’s contact surface with cylinder. TOP flexibility: manufacturing out of sample or a drawing, low cost tests and small lots. 4 standard materials with different density, hardness, flexibility suitable for any need and demand.

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End Seal Types

Closed-Cell Polyethylene

Used as wiper material in narrow web applications. Although quite porous, this material will not absorb ink.

High-Density Crosslink

Ideal for medium to long runs. Extra firm for better shape retention. Crosslinked material will not absorb liquids.

High Grade Felt

Custom Flex high-grade felt is 95% pure wool fiber creating a seal that holds its shape and delivers long-lasting performance.Felts are available dry or pre-lubricated with Petrolatum.

Medium Density Crosslink

Good all-around material for short to medium length runs. Very economical, with good shape retention and memory. Crosslinked material will not absorb liquids.

Medium Grade Felt

Medium Grade Felt – 85-95% wool content. Spfter felt that compresses easier than Hig-Grade Felt. Conforms well to the anilox roll for leak prevention.

Neoprene (Pure & Blends)

Offers excellent abrasion resistance. Used mainly for long run jobs, with high abrasion inks or lower line count aniloxes.

Open Cell Poly

Medium density open cell material. Used mainly in front loading chamber designs. Excellent thickness tolerance and consistency. Absorbs a small amount of liquid for lubrication and prolonged seal life.

AquaShear™ Precision Machining

End seals are traditionally manufactured with a die-cutting process that produces an irregular, concave sealing edge. Provident end seals are manufactured using AquaShear™, a precision machining process that produces a sharper end seal edge. The sharper, undistorted end seal has more surface area to create a more effective seal and also offers longer seal life.

No Die Required! Reduced cost, faster turn-around. Custom Flex end seals are CAD designed and digitally archived. There is no die required with our proprietary AquaShear™ machining process. You save time, labor and material! Digital archiving means you get the same precise end seals with every order. Plus, small tweaks and changes are easily made to digital end seal files.

Request A Free Sample of our End Seals

Any type, cut to your dimensions and delivered to your shop.
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