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Rx Doctor Blades

Rx Doctor Blades for the Flexo and Gravure Printing Industries

Flexo and Gravure printers all over the world have discovered the best partner for the pressroom…The Rx Doctor Blade!

Rx Doctor Blades come with a built-in seal that keeps the doctor blade holder free from ink build-up. Ink build-up in the clamping area does not allow the blade to lie flat in theholder. Applying additional pressure will only cause the blade to ripple. Excessive doctor blade pressure is then required to get a good wipe. Excessive pressure quickly wears both blades and anilox rolls.

Rx Doctor Blades Eliminate These Problems!

  • Save time and money with Rx Doctor Blades!
  • Blade changes are quick and easy when the clamping area is clean.
  • Our blades are made from the highest grade of steel.
  • Uniform structure and exceptional cleanliness means no scoring.
  • Our strict flatness and straightness tolerances translate into the lowest doctor blade pressure to get the job done!

Overall Seal Benefits Include:

  • Longer anilox roll life
  • Longer blade life
  • Fast clean up
  • Less press downtime
  • Reduces corrosion in the holder

Simplicity…We have everything you need!

We carry a wide variety of sizes and materials to fit any application. Rx Doctor Blades can be supplied in coils or in cut-to-length sizes at no extra charge.

Our Blade Materials Include:

Radius Tip –Our radius or “rounded” doctor blade is our best value blade. The radius blade will self-seat to your anilox roll.
Beveled – The beveled doctor blade offers immediate seating to the anilox roll. Resulting in a consistent wipe from start to finish of the press run.
Stepped – Stepped (or lamella) doctor blades help keep the transfer of ink consistent throughout the production run. As the stepped blade wears, the machined tip keeps the contact are from changing.
Mylar –used mainly for containment. Mylar, is of course, more flexible than steel. When used in an enclosed chamber, a mylar blade will allow more ink to pass into the chamber – resulting in better print quality.
Additional Material – We also carry a huge inventory of plastic and composite blades for a wide range of printing applications. Including corrugated, flexo, and gravure!

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