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Oct 05 2021

New Performance Standards — Doctor Blades and Their Evolution in the Narrow Web Environment

The printing and packaging space is ever-evolving, with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies looking for new and innovative ways to showcase their brand across...
Oct 21 2020

How to Build a Better Chamber

The good news is that are several ways to build an ink chamber that will deliver exactly the results you need every time you fire up the press. The bad…

Sep 30 2020

Are Your Doctor Blades Being Eaten Alive?

It’s probably not news to you that no doctor blade is right for every application. Still, I am constantly surprised by printers who call me in when their blades are...
Aug 31 2020

Anilox Cleaning: No One-Size-Fits-All

Cleanliness is next to, well, quality, especially when it comes to your anilox rolls. We’ve talked before about the importance of having clean anilox rolls. Clean rolls...
Jun 23 2020

“Do I Feel Lucky?”

When a new job comes in your press, operators probably select anilox rolls with cell capacities within a fairly narrow range so they can get to the desired ink...
May 12 2020

The Power of Virtual Service

In a world of travel restrictions, we at Provident have been looking hard for the best ways to maintain the level of support our customers need. Like you, we are...
Mar 14 2020

Nobody Knows Everything

One of the best parts of being one of the technical guys at Provident is solving problems and helping customers be as productive as possible. My colleagues and I...
Feb 14 2020

Feeling the Pressure

The old saying that ‘some is good, more is better’ applies to many things, but one of them is not ink chamber pressures on your flexo presses. Ink chambers are meant to...
Jan 14 2020

Size Matters!

Any flexographer probably knows that size matters. No, this is not about substrates or printing plates. We’re talking doctor blades here, and the three important...
Nov 26 2019

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered

I hate to tell you this but you may have a potentially serious condition that needs professional attention. Even worse, it may be happening on a couple of your flexo...