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Troika Anicam Software Upgrade and Financial Incentive

Troika Systems is the leader in the design and development of state of the art quality control 3D analysis management systems for the print industry.

The AniCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is the capturing device for Troikas Quality Control Applications to measure Flexo-Plates, Anilox rolls and Gravure Cylinders. These applications are proven to enable printers to know the condition of their rolls or plates and make savings by reducing press setup time and waste.

Software Update

For current AniCam customers, Troika Systems just released an upgrade to the AniCAM application software range.

For those in warranty or with a current maintenance contract the upgrade is free of charge and can be downloaded via a link on request from, the details of the latest upgrade are listed below.

All AniCAM applications:

  • Windows 10 fixes. All known compatibility problems have been resolved.
  • Unicode mode – allows for language translations to be implemented through expanded character sets, including Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Tiff Export – utilised to create the users own depth measurement analysis methods.
  • User Interface scaling for high-dpi screens: allows the user to choose larger user interface icons on higher resolution screens.

Anilox QC only:

  • Focus Assist mode: This enhancement helps the user to find the top focus setting prior to scanning. It modifies the AniCAMs lighting and draws an overlay on the video window which assists with targeting the tops of the cells. The overlay draws Red pixels where we see sharp contrast. It is enabled / disabled by simply left-clicking directly over the video window. It will disable automatically during a snap or scan process.
  • Complex cell mode: We have repositioned the Complex Cell selection for ease-of-use (no having to re-enter Setup), it is now all contained within the Configuration window.
  • Deep Scan [+50 layers] – Scan configuration switch:
    This allows the AniCAM to scan deeper engravings than are normally expected in the Anilox industry – helpful for customers who use engravings that have exceptional depth.

Flexoplate QC only: Adjustments to the lighting model for improved accuracy of the 3D model.

AMS / CMS: Both applications have been updated in order to be compatible with the v9.2 AniCAM applications

A Financial Incentive

Thanks to the current conversion rate with the British Pound at a record low, it is a great time to acquire the Troika AniCam. Last year, rates were 1.440257 British Pounds to 1 US Dollar in January and at its highest in May. Currently, the rate is 1.233699 British Pound to 1 US Dollar.

The 3 top ways the AniCamTM is used:

  1. Inspect incoming engravings from your supplier. We have found everyone trusts what is printed on the certificate from the engraver, however, we have seen discrepancies on new rollers, discovered completely incorrect engravings, and more frequently inconsistent engravings. One of our customers routinely finds 15-20% volume difference from one side of the roll to the other. As you can imagine, if one side of an anilox is carrying 20% more ink than the other, it is impossible to match images in multi lane printing.
  2. Inspect the real-time condition of production rolls. By using the AniCamTM to check the volume and health of your inventory on a weekly basis, you can significantly reduce downtime associated with ink color matching on press. Downtime due to dirty or underperforming anilox rolls is one of the biggest waste we see in our business.  Several of my current customers measure their rolls every time the anilox is cleaned. They then document the current volume on the rolls, allowing the press operators to select the roll with the correct volume.  By knowing the current and accurate volume you eliminate the guess work when trying to match color on press.  Too many time I see printers “chase” color on press by toning the ink, only to find out the anilox is dirty/plugged, or the wrong roll is in the press.  We have seen multiple anilox rolls marked with the same engravings, but deliver 30-50% different volumes. If by measuring the rolls and knowing their actual volumes, you can reduce the downtime of the press due to ink adjustments by 1-2 hours per press per week, the savings will pay for the unit typically in a few months.
  3. Monitor and adjust your Cleaning methods. Whether you use Chemical, Ultrasonic, or media cleaning, all processes have specific “tuning” to achieve optimal cleaning. By using the AniCamTM, you can monitor and adjust for variables like cycle time, temperature of the fluid, and efficiency of the entire cleaning process. We have seen many times that an out of control cleaning system, due to poor routine maintenance, will not effectively clean your anilox rolls. By using the AniCamTM with the optional AMS database system, you can plot the volume of each specific roll over time. With that history, you can see if the roll is being cleaning back to the same volume each cycle.  When a roll cannot be cleaned to an acceptable level, a warning can be set to advise replacement or repair.