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Troika Systems

Troika Quality Management System Products

Troika Systems Limited a UK company based 100km west of London, is clearly identified with Quality Management through its Quality Control tools for the security, flexible packaging, label and corrugated markets.

The development of the AniCAM 3D scanning microscope opened the opportunity to develop Quality Control programs that allow users to make considerable cost and time saving when checking and managing their Flexo printing plates, their anilox inventories or gravure cylinders. With almost 600 units sold to label, wide web, corrugated and security printers globally, and to over 75% of all known anilox manufacturers worldwide, the AniCAM and its applications are really proving to be a remarkably successful product for Troika and its customers

Having proven a mathematical model for accurate volumetric measurement, with the assistance of WCPC at Swansea University, Troika’s latest product which is to be launched in Q2 2014 is the AniCAM Certification Package (ACP). ACP will enable AniCAM users to test calibrate and certify their system to the proven mathematical standard in-house removing the need to return the unit to the UK for re-certification saving more time and cost.

AniCAM 3D Scanning Microscope

AniCAM, the Ultimate Anilox Cell Volumizing & Measurement Tool. The New Standard in Anilox measurement, for accurate volume checking, cell inspection and data archiving.

Anilox Measurement System – AMS

Control your entire Anilox inventory! The Anilox Management System is an option of the AniCAM product and provides detailed information on the condition of each roll in a printers Anilox inventory.


FlexoCAM, the ultimate tool for optimum quality control and analysis of your complete flexoplate and print production… From film/masks and sleeve to printed media to plate.

Gravure Cell Analysis

The Gravure Cell Analysis option for the AniCAM was developed for gravure printers where Quality Control of their gravure cylinders is desires.

Plate-II-Print HD

Utilizing the latest technology, Troika’s Flexo Plate-II-Print HD offers affordable quality control in the prepress and print stages of the flexographic printing process. Perfect Quality Control at both stages of a flexo print production.