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Where Does All the Ink Go?

Find out with a Free Provident Ink Analysis

One way of learning more about your flexo press can be a little like taking your truck in for an oil change. While the truck is on the lift they check the fluids, eyeball the tires for unusual wear and check the pressures. They look at your battery connections, inspect the air filter, and see if your shocks or struts are leaking. This look at your ride alerts you to things you might be unaware of and can save you trouble and money down the road.

A free Provident Ink Analysis and report gives you the flexo press equivalent of an auto technician’s look at your truck. It tells you where you might be wasting ink and suggests ways of getting the most out of every pound you buy. But it’s not as simple as measuring the amount of ink used on a job and the amount that is thrown away or recycled. A Provident expert will look at your press and the kinds of jobs you are running and ask some questions so he can learn more. For example, are you experiencing any of the following trouble spots:

  • Frequent ink leaking or blowouts
  • Back doctoring
  • Leaks
  • Print defects caused by inconsistent inking
  • Premature wear of your anilox rolls
  • Anilox scoring
  • Uneven life cycles for doctor blades and end seals
  • Pumping problems
  • Anilox cell volume issues
  • Downtimes that may be related to ink

Answers to these, along with an inspection of your press, are part of Provident’s Ink Analysis Program. Together, they can help identify points in your operation where things are solid and working well and where some improvement could be worthwhile.

“We’ve encountered a host of problems,” notes Andy Gillis, general manager of Provident. “Very often it can be a simple thing, like the wrong type of doctor blade being used, or an end seal that doesn’t fit well. But in a shop that’s running two or three shifts a day any wasted ink increases costs and hurts efficiency.”

After conducting an Ink Analysis, Provident prepares a brief report highlighting where excessive ink is being used and makes recommendations for addressing the problem. “We love to hear about any concerns you may have and provide a comprehensive analysis of your ink train,” says Gillis. Contact us today for a free report that will expose ways to save, and make, more money.”

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