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End Seals

Nobody Knows Everything

One of the best parts of being one of the technical guys at Provident is solving problems and helping customers be as productive as possible. My colleagues and I recently wound up talking about the “brain trust” we have developed...
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Picking the Right Blade for the Job

Way back in shop class, this was probably middle school, the teacher used to say something like “Measure twice, cut once,” usually followed by the reminder that you can “always cut off, but you can’t add on.” The words probably...
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Interactive Inks and Coatings Podcast

A Discussion with Andy Gillis, General Manager At Provident Sitting down with Andy Gillis, General Manager at Provident discussing press accessories and the importance of matching your application with your Doctor Blade assembly. Learn more about the podcast at

Is Your Culture Shifting?

How often do you replace the doctor blades and end seals on your flexo presses? Most converters swap in new ones about once a day, but some are now changing them just once a week with no decline in print...
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