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Graymills H/M/G Series Centrifugal Pumps

Graymills advanced centrifugal pumps are engineered to meet the delivery requirements of both solvent and water-based inks and coatings (for UV and other higher viscosity inks, see Peristaltic Pumps).

Graymills combination of quality features is evident inside and out and is unmatched by any other ink pump manufacturer in the world. Built in the USA for reliability, quick delivery, low maintenance and long life, Graymills centrifugal pumps are fully warranted for two years.

H/M/G Series Pump Standard Features

1. AGITOR® – Solids Don’t Settle
Many inks, adhesives, and coatings need to be kept blended in order to ensure peak performance. The Agitor ® feature keeps solids in suspension and helps to maintain proper viscosity. Graymills centrifugal pumps come with Agitor® capability (not shown) that keeps you printing your best.

Graymills Tri-Rod constructed pumps weigh less than comparable solid column designs making them much easier to handle. The open column design, developed by Graymills, eliminates hard-to-clean ink build-up prevalent in solid column pumps. This design ensures quick, easy and thorough cleaning for quick turnaround and less contamination of new colors.

3. TEFLON® NON-STICK COATING – Slippery When Wet
Less labor, quick clean-up and longer operating life result from the DuPont Teflon®-coated volute, discharge pipe and mounting flange. Will not peel or flake like other coatings, such as nylon.

4. STAINLESS STEEL – For Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion resistant stainless steel is standard for the shaft, coupling and Tri-Rods.

5. CELCON® IMPELLER – A Lightweight Performer
Graymills impellers are molded, lightweight, glass-filled Celcon® thermoplastic. They are exceptionally durable, abrasion resistant and chemically inert to printing solvents. Because they are molded to set specifications, replacements are quick and easy – no balancing required. Light weight means less pump wear and longer service life.

6. LOW PUMP DOWN – Good to the Last Drop
Graymills pumps leave minimal ink in a standard Graymills tank to reduce waste and speed cleanup; designed to fit Graymills 10, 20, 30 gallon tanks with built-in sumps and other sizes without sumps. See page 8 for pump/tank combinations. Custom/OEM tanks available.

7. PIPE CONNECTIONS – Reduce to Fit
Graymills pumps are designed to easily connect with reducer fittings to allow them to work with multiple pipe and tubing sizes. Fittings can be added if smaller hose diameter is needed, but flow will be reduced. Use fittings to customize your connection, add filtration, customize flow.

8. MOTORS – The Choice is Yours
A wide variety of standard and explosion-proof motor options let you configure your pumping system to your specific press requirements. All electric motors are from recognized manufacturers, have sealed bearings and are UL and CSA approved with NEMA faces. CE or ATEX motors are available for European use. Variable speed air and electric motors are also available for some models.

H Series Additional Features

9. ROUND VOLUTE – Fits Into Most Ink Tank Sumps.
Graymills H-series centrifugal were designed to fit most common ink tank sump sizes. The round design minimizes sump size, allowing the maximum pump down of ink.

10. HANDLE – Makes Moving Easy
All Graymills H-Series pumps have a handle (not shown) for ease of movement around the pressroom.

The flange is an integral part of the pump, not only providing motor mounting support but also isolating the motor from vapors. Flange design permits the airflow from the shaft rotation to diffuse the vapors that shorten motor bearing life. Discharge is above the lid and an integral part of this flange. This simplifies plumbing and provides for a smaller single tank opening.

M Series Additional Features

Designed by an aerospace engineer, the M-Series volute delivers the powerful lift performance and flow rates ideal for higher print decks and wider webs.

Twin handle design, integral to the molded mounting flange, provides safer, balanced, and easy lifting of unit. Mounting flange isolates the motor from vapors. Airflow from the shaft rotation diffuses these vapors.

14. LIGHTER WEIGHT – Save 15%
Weighing in at 15% less than conventional ink pumps, Graymills M3 is still a heavyweight performer.